Our Commitment to Transparent Governance

Keeping Our Traditions & Culture Preserved

The Nee Tahi Buhn First Nation is governed by a Chief, two Councillors and a Deputy Chief. Our leaders are elected by the community and serve four-year terms. The Chief and Council are responsible for making decisions that benefit our community and ensure that our traditions and culture are preserved.

Continue reading to learn more about our Chief and Council members here within the Nee Tahi Buhn First Nation.


Marcella Morris

Marcella Morris was elected in December 2022 as the Chief of Nee Tahi Buhn Band. Marcella started her journey working with First Nation bands in 2021 when she began assisting Nee Tahi Buhn with governance related issues. It was then that her passion to serve First Nations people from an administrative standpoint, with a bulk of experience stemming from working as a Band Social Development Worker, then as the General Manager of Skin Tyee First Nation.

Much of Chief Marcella’s life had been spent working in labor positions, including tree planting in forests all over BC and Alberta. Many years were spent painting residential homes in Alberta, which began to slow down with the recession of 2008. At this time Marcella transitioned into manufacturing, followed by a Bachelors Degree in Communications at Mount Royal University. Marcella put her education on hold to help out her Nation, and plans to return to her studies when time permits.

Marcella has an eight-year-old son, Kai, with her partner Travis Crowther who also works at Nee Tahi Buhn as the Community Comprehensive Planner and Emergency Services Manager. Marcella and her family reside on the unceded traditional territories of the Wet’suwet’en Nation with plans of moving home to the Southside.

Deputy Chief

Mark Morris

Mark Morris of Nee Tahi Buhn Band is of the frog clan. This is Mark’s third time having the honor of serving the members of NTBB and he is looking forward to seeing the Nation thrive.

Mark was born in Burnaby and raised in Nadleh by Linda Morris and George Goerge Jr. Mark spent the first five years of his life in the foster system until 1989, when he was adopted by Linda and George. After time, Mark’s Aunty Loretta brought him back north.

Mark is the father of two wonderful children Kira Morris and Keon Morris.


Joel Morris

Joel Morris is a member of the Nee Tahi Buhn Indian Band and now the youngest person serving on council. This is a promising role as Nee Tahi Buhn continues to grow leaders for the next generations.

Joel is the grandson of Thomas and Mary Jane Morris, and son of his late mother Carla Morris. Currently living in Grassy Plains, or the “South Side”, Joel grew up on all the traditional ways learning from his grandfather, who lived his whole life on the Nee Tahi Buhn territory.

Joel has a beautiful 12-year-old daughter named Natalie Jane Morris who he hopes will be helping our Nation in the future as well. Joel believes the work that council does is for our future children.

“I work with Chief and Council and have clear communication on matters such as
transparency honesty and trust, and to ensure our people know our staff. Another goal is housing for members and focus on youth, as they are our future.

I promise to uphold the oath we will be taking to treat everyone as equal and help make our Nation thrive – as this is what we all deserve.”


Frank Morris Sr.

Frank Morris Sr. has served Nee Tahi Buhn almost his entire life. Frank used to translate documents for his late mother Mary Jane Morris, who served as the Chief of Omineca Band, an amalgamation of First Nations discontinued in 1984. Mary Jane Morris passed away in 1998, but her teachings of culture, language and also governance remain fundamental to Frank Morris Sr. as a councillor.

Frank Morris Sr. is an important figure for the future growth of Nee Tahi Buhn. As one who understands the culture, traditions and as a fluent speaker of the Carrier language, he aims to represent Nee Tahi Buhn people and create better conditions for now and future generations.