Education and Training

For our Next Generation of Members

Reclaiming the Language, Culture & Traditions

It is our next generation of Nee Tahi Buhn members that will continue to reclaim and grow Nee Tahi Buhn’s language, culture and traditions. To ensure the continued advancement of our people, the education and training of Nee Tahi Buhn Band members is of high importance to all of us.

The Education and Training Services department provides assistance to our members through training programs, further schooling, or other supports to help Nee Tahi Buhn members achieve their education and employment goals. To be sure our members succeed wherever the training or schooling is provided, the Education and Training Services department also assists with various supplemental requirements to ensure you can access courses, including transportation, living out allowances and supplies required.

Please contact the Education & Training Coordinator to find out how you can participate in the training you are interested in or any school or program you wish to attend. We will work together to try to attain your goal.

Some examples of how we can support and our members’ success:

  • Introduction to Microsoft basics – Training to 3 members
  • Healing and Grief Workshop in Prince George: 7 members attended
  • Work clothing provided to maintenance workers
  • NTBB currently has three students attending post-secondary education. They are all succeeding in their programs, and we have one Band member graduating in June 2023.

Recognition of our members on advancing their education:

  • Karen Milanese – Bachelor of Education
  • Paula Wylie – Masters in Psychology & Counselling
  • Dustin Louie – Ph.D
  • Jessie Farley – Bachelor of Education  
  • Kelly Burgess – Practical Nursing Diploma 
  • Crystal Schamber – Massage Therapy
  • Pat Mortensen – RCMP Court Liaison Officer Certificate, Court Clerk Certificate, & Office Administration Certificate
  • Carol Anne Edmonds – Graduated Human Resources Diploma in 2020, Graduated Bachelor Of Commerce Degree: Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Degree in 2022
Education and Training

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